LynchLaw |Placer County Employment Law Attorney

Attorney Michael Lynch handles all issues that relate to employment law, including severance packages, the filing and appeals process for unemployment compensation, contractual issues and allegations of an unsafe work environment. LynchLaw has years of experience in employment law and can help render legal assistance and represent you in a lawsuit if necessary.

Attorney Michael Lynch: Employee Classifications and Other Issues of Employment

For some employers, employee classification is a large portion of the workforce and can lead to potential liability. Attorney Michael Lynch can advise you as to whether or not certain positions should be classified as exempt or nonexempt and whether an employee should be classified as an independent contractor. The IRS estimates the majority of employees are misidentified as independent contractors. These are complex issues, it’s best to seek guidance from an experienced attorney like Michael Lynch as misclassification can be extremely costly for the employer. This Gold Country employment law attorney can give you advice to avoid potential legal problems.

LynchLaw: Representation in Legal Proceedings

For both employers and employees, LynchLaw can represent you in lawsuits for: allegations of unlawful termination, discrimination, harassment, denial of unemployment benefits, unpaid wages, and retaliation. Employment lawsuits are very complex, often with deadlines. Many courts require one to file a formal response to a lawsuit within just several weeks. Attorney Michael Lynch will ensure that all deadlines are met in a timely manner. This law firm also assists with the agency’s investigation, hearings and presenting evidence.

Attorney Michael Lynch also helps review employer contracts, agreements, policies and handbooks. He reviews and troubleshoots employment-related agreements to ensure that they contain all the necessary legal terms to avoid problems. Examples include overtime pay, occupational safety and health, employee releases and severance agreements.

If you have an employment issue, turn to help from LynchLaw. No question is too small, and no question is too big.