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Michael Thomas Lynch

Attorney at Law

I have been an attorney for over 15 years and have focused my practice on Employment Law in Auburn, California, and the neighboring areas of Roseville and Sacramento. I can provide advice on employment law issues you might be facing and review documents such as contracts, severance agreements, policies, handbooks, and non-disclosure/non-compete agreements. I also provide representation regarding unemployment compensation appeals and lawsuits for unlawful termination, discrimination, harassment, unpaid wages, or retaliation.


Justice for Your Employment Issues

Knowing your rights can help you receive the income you deserve and working conditions that are mandated by law in the U.S. and California.

Failure to Pay
Lawful Wages

An employer must follow the prevailing wage laws relating to minimum wage and overtime pay, and if they have not been following the law, an employment law attorney can help get back pay and pursue justice.

Failure to Provide
Meal & Rest Breaks

Employers must also provide short breaks for meals and rest, which may be unpaid, to employees who work a certain amount of hours per shift. If your employer is not following this law, contact me to discuss your options.

Unlawful Terminations

Although many jobs are “at-will,” meaning you can be terminated without any reason, there are certain situations where termination is illegal, such as when it is based on discrimination or whistleblower retaliation.

You Do Not Have to Accept Illegal Work Conditions

Your employer should be following state and federal laws, and if they are not, and you are subjected to illegal working conditions, consulting with an employment lawyer is essential.

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An Employment Law Attorney That You Can Rely On

As a worker, you may feel like you cannot complain and have no choice but to accept the conditions of the employer or company who employs you. However, your employer does have to follow the law and offer you certain protections and working conditions. It would be against public policy to allow employers to do or pay whatever they want with no regulation whatsoever. There are laws to protect employees, and as an employment lawyer, I am here to help make sure you are not taken advantage of by your employer. If your employer is demanding you work unpaid overtime or commission, work off the clock or the books, actively withhold income, or pay less than the minimum wage, they are breaking the law. Schedule a free consultation today. I serve clients in Auburn, California, and the neighboring areas of Roseville and Sacramento.

Employers may also misclassify their employees as independent contractors, which is against the law. Employers may do this to save on taxes and insurance, but that shifts the tax burden to you and denies you protections you would otherwise have as an employee, like workers’ compensation insurance and unemployment benefits. I can review your employment agreement to determine if you have a case against your employer.

Most employers are considered at-will employers, which means your job can be terminated for any or no reason at all. However, facing termination for discrimination or retaliation is illegal. If this has happened to you, it is a good idea to contact me as soon as possible to evaluate your options.