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Failure to Pay Lawful Wages

California’s minimum wage is required to be paid for nearly all employees with a few notable exceptions. However, in some cases, you may need a California employment law attorney to help you in the event that an employer is not following all of the wage laws that apply to their business. Some of the problems employees...

Failure to Provide Meal and Rest Breaks

It’s not uncommon for employers to fail to provide hourly-paid employees with work-free rest periods during working hours. At the same time, many employers routinely will require employees to work through their lunch period or waive their lunch break completely. Both are a violation of California employment law. Lynch Law: California Employment Law California law stipulates...

Severance Negotiation

Severance is often not a take-it-or-leave-it proposition. It’s an interactive process, and you’ve got to get it right the first time because you only get one chance. To get the best for yourself and your family, it’s a smart move to consult an Auburn employment law attorney.

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Unemployment Filing and Appeals

Unemployment benefits are based on state and federal programs and are designed to help you survive financially until you’re able to secure another position. At Lynch Law, I help you get your money and fight for your employee rights. California Employment Law Attorney: Unemployment Qualifications In order to be eligible for unemployment compensation, your past earnings must meet...

Unlawful Terminations

California has very strict employment laws and employees are protected from unlawful terminations under both state and federal regulations. While California employees are mostly considered “at-will” which means either the employer or employee can terminate the agreement at any time without any reason, there are still occasions when an employee may be wrongfully terminated...

Wrongful Classification as Contract Employee

There are some clear advantages to working as an independent contractor but, there are also some drawbacks. In some cases, companies attempt to classify employees as contractors in order to save money. A company that uses independent contractors saves money on payroll taxes, benefits, and most importantly over time. Those who feel they are being misclassified...