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Severance Negotiation Attorney
in Auburn, California

Severance is often not a take-it-or-leave-it proposition. It’s an interactive process, and you’ve got to get it right the first time because you only get one chance. To get the best for yourself and your family, it’s a smart move to consult a Gold Country employment law attorney. I am experienced and can develop a specific severance strategy, whether your termination is involuntary or voluntary.

Lynch Law – Gold Country Employment Law Attorney

I develop a negotiation strategy that reflects your specific circumstances. Sometimes, it may involve you taking advice from the law firm in a behind-the-scenes strategy and doing the negotiating yourself. Other times, it may involve Lynch Law coordinating severance negotiations with consideration for out-placement, support, retention of bonuses, and extension of benefits. Much more than wages can be negotiated as part of your severance package.

I will fight for the compensation that is owed to you. Contact me for a free consultation.

Lynch Law: Complex Issues

There are many complex issues that surround severance. These include compensation, insurance and fringe benefits, communications to prospective employers, post-employment obligations, and outplacement services. Common questions include:

  • What compensation is fair?

  • When will it be received?

  • Do you get a prorated share of year-end bonuses?

  • Do life and health insurance continue and at whose expense?

  • What effect will there be on vested and unvested stock options?

  • Is there a non-compete release?

  • Is outplacement assistance available? Does it include re-training?

If your employer recently provided you with a severance agreement or you believe that your employment is about to terminate, contact Lynch Law for assistance. I will review it before you sign to ensure your best interests are met and that it is fair. Most severance agreements formally state you acknowledge that you have been given time to consult with an attorney. Please, take that time.

Gather all of your employment-related documents including retiree medical benefits, compensation plans, and employment agreement, if applicable. I will carefully review everything. Whatever you do, don’t resign before a severance agreement is negotiated and signed.

Whether you do severance negotiations upfront or on the backend, I am an excellent resource for the best legal advice. Contact me today.