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Unlawful Terminations Attorney
in Auburn, California

California has very strict employment laws and employees are protected from unlawful terminations under both state and federal regulations. While California employees are mostly considered “at-will” which means either the employer or employee can terminate the agreement at any time without any reason, there are still occasions when an employee may be wrongfully terminated. An employment law attorney can review your case and tell you if you were terminated wrongfully.

What Constitutes Wrongful Termination?

Some of the protections offered for employees under wrongful termination rules include:

  • Age discrimination – unless you are unable to completely fulfill the requirements of a task, being fired because you reach a certain age may be considered wrongful termination.

  • Whistleblower protections – employees who report unsafe work conditions, violations in the workplace, or other unlawful behavior in the workplace are protected from firing or termination.

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  • Disability protections – employees who become disabled are protected in some cases under the Americans with Disabilities Act from unlawful termination in the event the employer could have provided accommodations to allow the employee to remain on the job.

  • Other protections – employers may not terminate an employee for their religious beliefs, their political beliefs, or because of their gender identity. There are a number of protections available that protect an employee from unlawful termination. If you are uncertain if you were fired in violation of any public policy, you should speak with an employment law attorney.

At Lynch Law, my goal is to ensure that employees are treated fairly by their employers. While there are often valid reasons for termination, an employer should not terminate employment without providing the employee with a valid reason. In addition, employees are still entitled to have their cases reviewed to ensure their termination was lawful. I am well-versed in all aspects of employment law and am here to help employees who feel they have been wrongfully terminated. Contact Lynch Law to have the circumstances of your termination reviewed. I can help you pursue a wrongful termination suit if your employer violated California or federal laws. I serve the areas of Auburn, Roseville, and Sacramento, California.